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Jobs at Howstar

Basic welfare:

1, humanized working time design: 5 days, 7 hours working system, statutory holidays, according to the provisions of the country;
2, the perfect salary welfare system: to provide five social insurance and one housing fund;
3, the full range of vacation management scheme: provide marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and holidays;
4, rich amateur cultural life: organization, department activities, tourism, annual meetings and other annual cultural activities;
5, the perfect employee care program: holiday gifts, employee birthday party and so on.
If you're the Ta, please come to us!

We'll provide you with it:

Endless snacks, endless activities;
Perfect good welfare, independent good work;
Equal people and things, fresh good text green;
A group of interesting people in an interesting place;
Do interesting things, make interesting money, live a meaningful life -- invite those who have courage, confidence and dream to go together!


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