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Shenzhen Howstar Building Decoration Material Co.,LTD. ——Design material selection service provider

Release time:2017-9-28
Brief introduction
Shenzhen Howstar Building Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a company that experts at brand promotion, sales, and engineering construction of top decoration material. Meanwhile it provides construction decoration company services such as material purchasing, products selling and engineering construction. Howstar Building Decoration Material takes full advantages of media resources from Howstar Holding Investment Co., Ltd., hence it gets full cooperation in brand promotion with Modern Decoration Magazine, the top interior design magazine in China. By the agency of this platform, Howstar Building Decoration Material promotes cooperation between material manufactures and designers to widely publicize top material brand for customers. Furthermore it creates value cooperation opportunities for adventurous people from all walks of life.
Development history
It has been 7 years since shenzhen Howstar Building Decoration Material Company established in 2010. In 2010,Shenzhen Howstar Building Decoration Material became a distributor of Modern Masters and has built friendly relationship with it. With the efforts making by all staff, in November 2016, Howstar Building Decoration became its primary distributor in China area. By this chance, Howstar Building Decoration Material increases cooperation to achieve win-win situation in domestic market with developers, constructors, designers, distributors, etc.


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