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Tianying Waterscape

Shenzhen Tianyin Waterscape & Fountain Design Co.,LTD.——Water landscape service provider

Release time:2017-9-28
Shenzhen Tianyin Waterscape & Fountain Design Co., Ltd. is a professional company which experts at Waterscape & fountain's design, construct, device development and selling. Established in March of 2005,its business covers all types and sizes' music foundation, stored program control, fountain, and floating fountain, laser water curtain movie, spray, artificial lake dealing, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool process, cascade waterfall, brook, etc.
Tianyin Waterscape & Fountain Design superiors to its competitors in design, equipment installation ability, because it has a professional group with people who are full of experienced in arts, water supply and drainage, electrical engineering, environment engineering, and motor equipment. With Chinese economy development, as waterscape and fountain nowadays play a vital role of living environment of city, it gets more and more attention. City decoration needs strict design regulation and reputational construction firm, consequently we determine to be the best in waterscape & fountain. We appreciate professionalism and aesthetic value of our project, regarding " to be the best" as our target. The slogan of our company is "trust is the base stone to a brighter future".
In recent years, Tianyin Waterscape & Fountain Design is not only assisted construction companies and waterscape companies to finish profession design in waterscape and fountain, swimming pool and artificial lake treatment, but also established long term relationship with them. It now has its own professional construction team which processes leading technologies and widely experiences in design and construct square music fountain, advanced hotel, water environment, swimming pool and hydrotherapy. Over hundreds projects we have finished all gain high reputation by proprietors.





Address: 17th F, Bldg B, Guanghao International Center, Zhongmei Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China




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