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Howstar Design

Shenzhen Howstar Design Consultants Co.,LTD.——Design consultant service provider

Release time:2017-9-28
Shenzhen Howstar Design Consultant Co., Ltd. established in 2001,it is a professional design company that bases on the resources accumulated by Shenzhen Modern Decoration Magazine Publisher for nearly 30 years which belongs to Howstar Investment Holding Co., ltd.. The team numbers of Howstar Design Consultant are all experienced architectures and interior designers who are only service for elites and famed companies. There is a high level performance in their tourism layout project, public architecture design, landscape design, space design and interior design such as five-star hotel, office space, business space, villa, and club, etc.
Base on mutual trust, Howstar Design Consultant cooperate with famous architectures from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Holland, etc. The professional area includes project plan and layout, landscape and architecture building, interior design. Howstar Design Consultant aims to cooperate with exceptional designers all over the world to create a professional design organization. It insists to produce standout and international design work by standing on the shoulders of advanced concept.


Telephone:0755-82723927; 18617115811(Mr. Lin)



Address: 17th F, Bldg B, Guanghao International Center, Zhongmei Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China





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