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Howstar Culture Communication

Shenzhen Howstar Culture Communication Co.LTD——Decoration design industry brand service provider

Release time:2017-9-28
Shenzhen Howstar Culture Communication Co.LTD(Abbreviation“Howstar Culture Communication”)Established in 2006,Howstar Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a creation idea service organization which focuses on event and activity plan, visual communication, new media communication, brand promotion and selling strategy. As an expert of culture communication organization, team members are the core members from "modern decoration" magazine which is a first-classic magazine for architecture and interior decoration.
For years, they have successfully cooperated with government organizations, famed design firms, decoration company and material company such as "Modern decoration" magazine, Shenzhuang Group, Shenzhen Publisher company, Vanke, Chngalaxy, HHD China, J&A, LSPCASA, Yantian national inspection, Shenzhen Jianzhuang Decoration Engineering, Howstar Building Decoration, etc. Howstar Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has successfully held several large-scale events such as "Modern Decoration Media", "2015 Chinese original design", "The branch exhibition of 10th centre city book mall" and "The 30th anniversary of Shenzhuang Group".





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