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Being an aspiring and enthusiastic team, Howstar is full of vitality for innovation and strives to play a part in the development of creative cultural industry in China.

Firstly, innovation is the internal impetus for Howstar’s development. We are always paying close attention to the scientific and technological advancement, as well as the current creating ideas. We seek for more opportunities and struggle to maintain our core competitiveness. Because we believe that the broader areas we explore, the better career development platform our employees will have.

Secondly, Howstar is committed to train venture partners and has gathered a large number of enterprising talents with good knowledge of management, operation, professional expertise. Our commitment is to provide employees with sustainable development opportunities in an equitable work environment. As you sow, so shall you reap. A good learner is always more likely to succeed.

Thirdly, team spirit and dedication are also very important in Howstar. Only in the group can one’s ability be better utilized. Howstar hope to seek common ground while reserving difference and encourage everyone’s personal and professional growth.

Fourthly, Howstar advocates that employees should follow the passion and work with a good health and an open mind. These, of course, can never be replaced by money.

Lastly, let us work together to fight for a better future, not only for the company, but also for yourselves. We are looking forward to growing together with you.



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