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Release time:2017-9-28
Established in 1987, Shenzhen Modern Decoration Magazine Publisher is a modern culture media organizations which has a professional print magazine, an electronic magazine, and a portal website.Since it established, Modern Decoration Magazine keeps developing in editing and publishing decoration information. The media platform now includes " Modern Decoration Magazine" which established in 1985 is the first professional journal of interior design magazine in China;it is online in 1999, Chinese pioneer decoration and design portal website; Design Media Awards was founded in 2003.(
For the 30 years since Modern Decoration Magazine founded, it takes "strive for excellent design" as it's target, aiming to seek and support cutting-edge domestic designers, therefore advancing the development of Chinese interior design, being the primary reading magazine for interior designers in China. At the same time, Modern Decoration Magazine is not limited to China but overview global architecture information. It provides readers the newest architecture works, interview of worldwide design masters, advanced design theories and achievements. Modern Decoration devotes to be an international window and platform for domestic designers. Because of the attitude of being professional, preciseness, and high quality, Modern Decoration gains applause from designers all over the nation. Currently, readers of modern decoration are everywhere, and it has a giant impact on interior design. As an well-versed decoration media company with portals website and brands promotion ability, our experienced team provide advertisement services and mass professional resources.The brands modern decoration cooperate with includs Florina cement brisk, Dluxury, Jiale Stone, Shunde empire furniture, HUALI INDUSTRIAL, King Lang, Modern Master, Universal Marble and granite group, JNJ Mosaic, T&J Electric, IVI , Rose Mosaic, Zongyi Stone, Vatti, Keyspace, Dong Peng Tiles, Cotto, etc.

Founded in 2003, Modern Decoration International Media Awards has been successfully held for 15 years, abide by the manner of professional, rigorous, fair and impartial, encouraging local original design. We closely follow times change, hot topics and popular trend, advocate media standard as judges for winner design works, commit to media credibility and exert the creative of design to be more influence.It has became a vital scale and a leading fashion trend for design. The 15th Modern Decoration International Media Awards(2017) Attracts designers from Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, South Korean, Japan, Philippine, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other countries and regions of the world. By then, all talented designers have the chance to communicate with each other at home and abroad.






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