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Howstar Fashion

Shenzhen Howstar Fashion Co.,LTD.——Professional custom industry, light luxury women's clothing

Release time:2017-9-28
Company profile
Shenzhen Howstar Fashion Co., Ltd. belongs to Shenzhen Howstar Investment Holding Co., Ltd., established in 2017 by cutting-edge fashion designers and professional space designers. "Limin" is a registered brand of Howstar fashion, leading fashion trend by its custom-made and crossover design. It specializes in making original high quality clothing for modern female. Howstar Fashion devotes to cooperate with elites from different professions. As a result of inviting them to be the image spokesperson, "Limin" was followed by public.
The style of "Limin" is a combination of international fashion factors with Chinese traditional cultural signals. It put emphasis on building OL entry luxury local brand. Howstar Fashion is a fast developing internet enterprise in charge of design, operating and online selling.
Development history
Established in July 2017, Howstar Fashion set head office in Shenzhen and operating office in Chongqing.
In August 2017, "Limin" was born. This original brand of woman's clothing opens Chinese market with its crossover design.


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Address: 17th F, Bldg B, Guanghao International Center, Zhongmei Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China

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