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Release time:2017-9-28
Established in 2010, Shenzhen Howstar Network Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Howstar Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Recently, the project "Poker Eye" was online which is a first hand information platform(Wechat official accounts and website) for game players of " Fight the Landlord". It is founded by Shaoming Song, a proficient players of "Fight the Landlord". "Poker Eye" collects and shares the newest online or physical "Fight the Landlord" competition information. It web-casts competitions between advanced players and offers winner training for beginners as well. In addition to game quiz, it has the newest club information.
The "Poker Eye" devotes to create the most brand value and influenced game information portal website and all-embracing services for "Fight the Landlord" enthusiasts.
People obtain first hand information as long as they follow "Poker Eye". Both beginners or masters can get competition information, participate game, and meet new friends in "Poker Eye".





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